Executive Director (part-time) | NAMC Southern California Chapter

  • Reports to: Board of Directors
  • Reporting to this position: Administrator
  • Status: Part-Time (20 – 30 hours a week) / Independent Contractor
  • Salary: $40-50K

Job Summary

The Executive Director will serve on a part-time basis as a key staff member for National Association of Minority Contractors – Southern California Chapter (NAMC-SC) and, in partnership with the and is responsible for the success of NAMC-SC. Together, the Board and Executive Director will assure NAMC-SC’s relevance to the community, the accomplishment of NAMSC’s mission and vision, and the accountability of NAMCSC to its diverse constituents.

The Board will delegate responsibility for management and day-to-day administrative operations to the Executive Director, and s/he has the authority to carry out these responsibilities, in accordance with the direction and policies established by the Board.


1.       Mission, Policy, and Planning

  1. The role of the Executive Director is a highly visible position with full responsibility for NAMC-Southern California Chapter. The Executive Director must be professional, at all times both visually and verbally.
  • Develops, plans and implements programs, trainings and events. Establishes strong and appropriate relationships with Board, committees, staff, donors and clients. Develops smooth and constructive relationships with executive colleagues, outside agencies, organizations and individuals.
  • Plans and meets deadlines. Maintains a flexible work schedule to meet the demands of the daily operations and NAMC Board requests. Hours may be long and irregular. Traveling is required for offsite meetings.
  • Develop relationships with Federal, State and Local Elected Officials
    • Builds organization image by developing and maintaining relationships with a broad range of stakeholders within the construction industry. (Major Corporate Partners, members, government, community organizations/agencies, and resources;
    • Increase organizational effectiveness

2.  Management, Reporting and Administration

  1. Provides general oversight of all NAMCSC activities, manages the day-to-day operations, and assures a smoothly functioning, efficient organization.
  • Works closely with the Major Corporate Partner Committee to develop or strengthen membership and MCP efforts.
  • Oversee the Membership Fundraising Plan
  • Assist the Board with NAMC Officer Elections

3.  Governance and Human Resource Management

  1. Assist the Board with membership and MCP recruitment, events and contracting opportunities
  • Develop Annual Employee Training and Development Plan
    • Make recommendations to the Board for approval

4.  Financing and Fund-Raising

  1. Promotes programs and services that are produced in a cost-effective manner, employing economy while maintaining an acceptable level of quality.
  • Participates actively in identifying, cultivating and soliciting donor prospects.

5.  Community Relations and Outreach

  1. Attend community and industry events, fairs and conferences
  • Listens to Members, volunteers, Sponsors and the community in order to improve services and generate community involvement for NAMCSC.
  • Assist the Dinner Committee with marketing and Sponsor solicitation for the annual NAMCSC Dinner
  • Works with legislators, regulatory agencies, volunteers and representatives to promote legislative and regulatory policies regarding diverse utilization and opportunities for minority businesses, and the issues of NAMC’s constituencies.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • At least three years’ experience in construction, business, nonprofit operations, or related areas
  • Proximity to Los Angeles/Southern California

Visit: https://www.namcsc.org/

Send Resume to Ellen Love [email protected] or call (323) 690-6304