Press Release: NAMC iConstruction Training Center Launches in Norcross, Georgia

August 01, 2018

For Immediate Release
August 1, 2018
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NAMC iConstruction Training Center Launches in Norcross, Georgia

Norcross, GA-–The National Association of Minority Contractors (NAMC) and the City of Norcross Department of Economic Development have collaborated to launch the NAMC iConstruction Training Center, an accredited training unit certified by the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) through the NAMC Northeast Florida Chapter, an NCCER Accredited Training Sponsor in Jacksonville, Florida. As part of a workforce development initiative by the City of Norcross Department of Economic Development and NAMC, the NCCER-accredited program will provide pre-apprenticeship training in construction trades and technology, targeting individuals who may be unemployed or underemployed as well as young adults and veterans.

On Saturday, July 28, members of NAMC, city of Norcross officials, construction industry partners, and training program instructors were on-hand for an Open House kickoff to discuss the training program and how potential students can become involved. Lawrence Perry, an iConstruction Training Center instructor, presented an overview of the training modules the program will offer as well as expected outcomes for participants.

Norcross Mayor Craig Newton addressed the crowd to share his support of the NAMC training center. Creating a strong workforce is one of the keys to the city’s success. “With expenditures reaching over $1.2 billion, the United States is one of the largest construction markets worldwide,” he said. “We are pleased to partner with nonprofits like the National Association of Minority Contractors in offering hands-on and classroom construction pre-apprenticeship skilled trades training for young adults, veterans and underemployed or unemployed individuals in the Norcross and Atlanta Metro Area to fill post-recession personnel shortages experienced by this industry.”

NAMC supports workforce development initiatives in an effort to fill the construction industry labor gap and lift individuals and communities out of poverty.
A joint report released by the U.S. Departments of Education, Transportation, and Labor entitled “Strengthening Skills Training and Career Pathways across the Transportation Industry” states “The U.S. Department of Transportation provides over $51 billion in surface transportation construction funding each year to build, repair, and operate our nation’s highways, bridges, and public transportation systems.

For every $1 billion in transportation infrastructure investments, 13,000 jobs are projected to be created over the next 10 years. In addition to these hundreds of thousands of jobs that will be created, transportation employers across the main subsectors of trucking, transit, air, highway, rail, and maritime will need to hire up to 4.6 million workers—1.2 times the current transportation workforce—in the next decade, due to the industry’s employment needs that will result from growth, retirements, and turnover. Many of these individuals will require training to meet the skill requirements of transportation employers.”

This report identifies well-paying, high-demand transportation jobs and analyzes patterns in education and work experience required for entry, including on-the-job training requirements for new entrants to gain full competency. These jobs can help move minorities out of poverty. Investments in job readiness programs, apprenticeships, and other work-based training programs are helping Americans punch their ticket to the middle class. Communities in poverty and minorities must be included. The skilled minority workers of today are the NAMC contractors of tomorrow. NAMC seeks to train and connect skilled workers with employment opportunities through development of training centers in Norcross, Dallas Fort Worth, Jacksonville, Florida, Washington, DC, and other areas across the country.

The NAMC iConstruction Training Center is a pre-apprenticeship program that provides training and certifies individuals through both classroom and field instruction through NCCER-certified master trainers, instructors, and curriculum. The program offers students course instruction in areas such as drywall assemblies, solar panel installations, HVAC mechanicals and building automation controls, superintendent/foreman leadership, and much more. The program will be housed at Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church’s Miracle Hall located at 182 Hunter Street in Norcross.

“The main goal of NAMC’s iConstruction program is to certify underserved and underemployed individuals and veterans with trade skills that are in demand and sustained job placement,” said Eddie Barnett, a NAMC National training coordinator and longtime member. “We are pleased to have the support of the city’s economic development department for this important program.”

The City of Norcross’ workforce development initiatives are designed to create an effective delivery system to connect workers with employers and to assist residents in acquiring the necessary training and skills needed to compete in the global economy. “The metro Atlanta area has a construction job growth rate that exceeds the national rate, therefore, we want to make sure that individuals in Norcross are prepared to take on available jobs,” said Tara Smith, economic development coordinator for the City of Norcross. “Creating training and job opportunities will not only help to raise some Norcross families out of poverty, but also, offer a sense of pride knowing that a person is able to take care of themselves and their families.”

About the National Association of Minority Contractors
Founded in Oakland, California in 1969 by Ray Dones and Joseph Debra, NAMC is the oldest minority construction trade association in the United States with over 50 Hall of Fame members and Legacy Builders and an annual project capacity of over one billion dollars nationally. Through a network of local chapters and in collaboration with strategic and corporate partnerships, NAMC assists members with building capacity by providing access to opportunity, advocacy, and contractor development training.

About the City of Norcross Department of Economic Development
The City of Norcross’ Department of Economic Development establishes programs and policies that aid in the retention, expansion, and recruitment of businesses and creation of jobs. Our goal is to create an environment where businesses can grow and prosper. This, in turn, helps to establish a stable tax base for the city, enhance wealth, and to improve the overall quality of life for Norcross’ diverse residents.

For more information about participating in the program, sponsorship opportunities, becoming a NAMC member, or starting a NAMC chapter or training center in your area, please contact the NAMC National office in Washington, DC or Eddie Barnett, the NAMC National Training Coordinator. Contact info follows.


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