NAMC members include program and construction managers, general contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, suppliers, engineers, architects, attorneys, accountants, construction associations, technical assistance organizations and state/local government agencies.

Membership is established via network of local chapters. Contact local chapter directly to initiate membership process.

Major Corporate Group Membership

The NAMC Major Corporate Group (MCG) Program are corporations and organizations working in partnership with NAMC to continue to make the NAMC mission a reality. Major Corporation Group Program members assist NAMC in advancing its legacy of setting new standards of leadership, collaboration, and business excellence. For more information, contact the NAMC national office at (202) 296-1600 or

National Membership

Where local chapters are not available, National Membership can be established by contacting the NAMC National office. A NAMC National Membership provides the tools, programs, and services to support the health and growth of your business.

Student Chapter Membership

The NAMC Student Chapter assists and supports women and minority students studying in the fields of construction management, engineering, or design management with professional and academic growth. This chapter strives to provide support, encouragement, and opportunity to its student members.

New Chapter Application

NAMC encourages the founding of additional local chapters.